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Greetings to you all, my name is Umbola Griffin, a divorced Mother of two bi-logical children and 4 step-children, a Nana to four beautiful grandsons! My life speaks for itself! I am a true survivor, I grew up with my cousin and in Foster homes, and at 16 placed in a group home! Not because I was a bad child, I didn't have my parents! My birth Mother was living her life in the streets and a Father who was involved with the White collar criminals, born in a time, white and black shouldn't have babies together! Over the years I have experienced being raped, beat, rejected, and some suffering! In 1996 I was diagnosed with liver cancer, only to be told I only would be lucky to even see 5 years! I never did drugs but I sold enough of them to put me under a jail! I've seen things in my life as a child, no one should have been exposed to! But by the grace of God, he instilled in me a passion for people! In spite of my hurt and disappointments and short comings, God had placed people in my life who truly loved me! I am a survivor of cancer of 18 years, no more abuse! I am a servant of God to help those to overcome their hurt and pain that I had to go through beginning at the age of 7! I am here to encourage you that God will turn your struggles into victory! I am a walking testimony only by the grace of God!  I thank God for every hurt, rejection and struggle I went through! It molded me for such a time as this! I retired in May of 2013 as a Child Care Owner of 13 years to walk in my calling! Feeding and encouraging the lost, sick and broken! Only by God's hand that I am a survivor!
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