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Help Requests are a way for Cityroof members to help each other. Members can post requests for advice or help finding assistance and other members can respond using their experiences. In this way, what helps one member can help many others.

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#42209 cheleH
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Bound To Be Homeless! 50 yr old female, disabled. More in Description below

I'm a 50 yr old female, who is in a bit of a homeless crisis. I just got moved here by a friend; from maryland 3 weeks ago. Comes to find out that i couldnt move in with them like was planned and they ... more

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help getting my guy here to denver colorado and a place to stay

i love ny guy more then anything i want to have him here but right now he is stuck in tennessee i am also homeless right now because i can find a payee or be the payee i feel bad as hell my week this ... more

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needing help with kids stuff and needing help finding a job

have two kids and one on the way needing help... and needing help finding a part time job

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I am in desperate need of some sort of shelter for short term. I would be willing to sleep in my tent on someones poperty or in a garage or barn. Whatever it takes. I am down to my last couple nights ... more

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#42127 Samuel
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Homeless on 12-6-13

I am a 40 yr. old disabled man on SSI. I am supporting a family of three and cant afford a home for us. I am next in line to be placed in an apt. at the Morgan house but its not soon enough. I have do ... more

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im looking for assistance with purchasing a bus ticket or a ride home.need ticket to dothan.i am disabled and in need of back surgery

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is anybody giving out turkeys? I live in Shelbyville TN

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looking for our brother

My brother has been living in a tent in t.c. as well as the shelters.he should be in and out of the soup kitchens too. Name is guy raymond. We have not heard from him in months. We are very worried ab ... more

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Employment Needed

I am in pretty despirate need of a job. I do have housing and food stamps, but I lack the money for other basic needs such as dog food, laundry funds, bus pass(so that I can job search). It is difficu ... more

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Need housing/storage help ASAP!!

My husband and I need help desperately.  We have picked ourselves up a few times over the last few years, but this time, we need some help.  We have to be out of our apartment in a few days, ... more

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